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Central African Republic: Call on US and UN to protect civilians

3 Apr

Central African Republic is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis. Muslims are being ethnically cleansed and millions need urgent help.

Please sign the petition telling President Obama its time to take the lead on establishing a UN peacekeeping force to effectively protect civilians, stop people being forced to flee their homes and to end the bloodshed.

For background information to the conflict, download Amnesty’s report here.


My Body, My Rights – Tell world leaders to protect sexual and reproductive rights

4 Jan

My Body, My Rights

Being able to make your own decisions about your body, your life and your sexual and reproductive health is a basic human right. But for millions worldwide – many of them young people – this right is denied on a daily basis.

Please take a moment to sign the My Body, My Rights petition and call on World Leaders to stand up for the health and human rights of young people everywhere.

Justice For Hakamada

28 Dec

 Hakamada IwaoThis is Hakamada Iawo as a young man.  He is now 77 years old and is the world’s longest-serving death row prisoner.  He has spent 45 years in prison since his trial in 1968 and always maintained his innocence.

The main evidence used to convict Hakamada was a confession, allegedly obtained under torture and later retracted.  One of the trial judges, Kumamoto Norimichi, maintains that Hakamada is innocent and believes that he should not have sentenced Hakamada to death on such limited evidence.

Despite such grave doubts, Hakamada continues to await execution every day.  New DNA evidence could finally prove his claim of innocence right. Click here to ask Japan to grant him a retrial.


Let Okunishi clear his name before he dies

12 Aug
Okunishi Masaru on death row in Japan © private

Okunishi Masaru on death row in Japan © Private

Okunishi Masaru has spent more than half his life on death row in Japan, knowing he could be executed any day.

In 1961, he was accused of poisoning five women and ‘confessed’ after prolonged police interrogation. He retracted his confession as soon as trial began, and was acquitted for lack of evidence. But a higher court reversed the decision, and sentenced Okunishi to death.

Okunishi’s lawyers have repeatedly requested a retrial, without success. Okunishi is now 87 years-old and his health is failing him, he slips in and out of consciousness and is unable to breathe on his own. But he’s desperate for a chance to clear his name before he dies.

Click here to call on the Japanese authorities to grant Okunishi a retrial.

Zimbabwe: Stop this year’s elections descending into violence

30 Jun

Illustrative of violence in Zimbabwe. Copyright AP.

In 2008 it took the intervention of Zimbabwe’s neighbours in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)  to stem the bloodshed. This time, we want them to use their influence to prevent the violence from happening in the first place, and send in human rights monitors so that human rights defenders and activists can carry out their work without fear.

Tanzania is chair of the group responsible for peace and security within the region. Help prevent the bloodshed returning in 2013 – click here to sign our petition to the Tanzanian President, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.

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