Please take action for Hakamada Iwao

24 Jun


Hakamada Iwao is 77 years old. He has spent the majority of his life on death row, awaiting execution every day for a crime he claims he did not commit.  Hakamada is said to be suffering from a severe mental illness as a result of many years spent in solitary confinement. New DNA evidence could reinforce his claims of innocence. Please help us to ask for a retrial for Hakamada.

Click here to write to the Minister of Justice Sadakazu Tanigaki and call for Hakamada’s execution to be stayed.

One Response to “Please take action for Hakamada Iwao”

  1. Martin S June 25, 2013 at 09:12 #

    Dear Laura

    that’s just excellent, the link works fine !

    atb Martin

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