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Afghan women’s rights at risk

3 Oct

Doctors, teachers, journalists, activist and lawyers. Ordinary people are doing extraordinary work, risking their safety, to help women across Afghanistan know and access their rights. Their work is vital.  But the threats and violent attacks on them and their families continue and the future looks increasingly dangerous.

UK governments have worked to encourage women to take up public roles like these in Afghanistan. But as international forces prepare to withdraw from the country, the British Government must act now to support and protect women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Please follow this link and sign the petition calling on the UK government to:

  • create and maintain a database to know who is at risk
  • have a named member of staff whose job it is to keep in regular contact with women at risk
  • condemn any threats or violence towards individuals; or any discriminatory laws passed by the Afghan government
  • provide emergency support as needed,  including safe houses and relocation.

Take Action Now

Demand Afghanistan scrap a law silencing survivors of domestic violence

16 Feb
Teenager Sahar Gul recovers in hospital after being beaten and tortured by her in-laws © AFP PHOTO/ SHAH Marai

Sahar Gul recovers in hospital after being beaten and tortured by her in-laws © AFP PHOTO

Afghanistan is set to pass a law that will allow people to attack their wives, sisters and daughters without fear of punishment, because relatives won’t be allowed to testify as witnesses to these crimes.

An estimated 87% of women in Afghanistan have experienced at least one form of physical, sexual or psychological violence or forced marriage. In a country blighted by ‘honour killings’ and child marriage, we know that most of this violence takes place within the family – that’s why this law will be so devastating.

But it’s not too late.  Enough international and local pressure could turn this situation around. Just last November, we were successful in stopping the approval of another proposed law which would have allowed death by stoning for ‘adultery’.

Click here to stand with the women and girls of Afghanistan and help us stop this outrageous law from becoming reality.

Missed September’s group meeting? Read all about it here…

18 Sep

In Afghanistan, 26 schools were bombed or burned down in 2010 and at least 126 students and teachers killed in the same period. In 2008, Taliban members threw acid in the faces of five girls on their way to school in Kandahar (Oxfam source).

These are the daily threats still facing women in Afghanistan. Susan Mew of the Minehead group of AI spoke to us about Women’s Rights in Afghanistan, and how vital pressure from the international community is in improving the situation. Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary, has described the violence worldwide against women and girls as ‘the greatest challenge of our times’.

We discussed the case of Dr Tun Aung, our Burmese prisoner of conscience, and how pressure can be brought to bear on the Burmese authorities to hasten his release.

The Taunton Deane Male Voice Choir, together with the Farey family, are putting on a concert at St Michael’s Church, Galmington, at 7.30pm on Saturday 26th October, in aid of the Church and of the Taunton Group of AI. Tickets £10 from the Group Treasurer (01823 284001) or from the Church Office (01823 332371). It sounds like a rousing evening. Hope to see you there!

Further details about this and our other activities can be found on our website amnestytaunton.wordpress.com. Meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 8pm in the Silver Street most welcome!

Tuesday 10th September: Group meeting and workshop on women’s rights in Afghanistan.

3 Sep
Don't trade away Women's Human Rights

Click to download the briefing report.

Join us for our group meeting next Tuesday 10th September at Silver Street Baptist Church.  Meeting starts at 8PM.  Click here for map and directions.

All are welcome to come along and meet the group, discuss human rights and take part in our workshop on Women’s Human Rights in Afghanistan.

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