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Free the Guesthouse Six

20 Aug

Ding HongfenSix human rights defenders in China are being detained by authorities after freeing activists who were being illegally detained in a guest house.

Three are now missing, their whereabouts unknown. One (Ding Hongfen, pictured) has already been subjected to torture.

Please click here to send an email to the Chinese authorities and ask them to release the activists immediately.

Let Okunishi clear his name before he dies

12 Aug
Okunishi Masaru on death row in Japan © private

Okunishi Masaru on death row in Japan © Private

Okunishi Masaru has spent more than half his life on death row in Japan, knowing he could be executed any day.

In 1961, he was accused of poisoning five women and ‘confessed’ after prolonged police interrogation. He retracted his confession as soon as trial began, and was acquitted for lack of evidence. But a higher court reversed the decision, and sentenced Okunishi to death.

Okunishi’s lawyers have repeatedly requested a retrial, without success. Okunishi is now 87 years-old and his health is failing him, he slips in and out of consciousness and is unable to breathe on his own. But he’s desperate for a chance to clear his name before he dies.

Click here to call on the Japanese authorities to grant Okunishi a retrial.

Please take action for Hakamada Iwao

24 Jun


Hakamada Iwao is 77 years old. He has spent the majority of his life on death row, awaiting execution every day for a crime he claims he did not commit.  Hakamada is said to be suffering from a severe mental illness as a result of many years spent in solitary confinement. New DNA evidence could reinforce his claims of innocence. Please help us to ask for a retrial for Hakamada.

Click here to write to the Minister of Justice Sadakazu Tanigaki and call for Hakamada’s execution to be stayed.

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