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Protect the lives of refugees and migrants

12 May

From Amnesty UK:

Refugees and migrants are risking their lives to reach Europe. If they make it to Europe’s borders, they are often met with violence and ill-treatment and turned away without question.

‘Somebody showed them the baby, asking for help but the coastguards swore at us instead of helping us… when the coastguards cut the rope and tried to move away we started sinking.’

These are the words of Sabur Azizi, an Afghan refugee who lost his wife and son last year when the boat they were travelling in ran into trouble off the coast of Greece.

No matter how high European countries build their walls, no matter how much pressure countries like Greece come under to push people back at their borders, men, women and children will still be compelled to flee persecution, conflict & poverty by coming to the EU.

Recently, you persuaded the UK government to offer sanctuary to some of the most vulnerable refugees from the conflict in Syria. The first families are now rebuilding their lives here.

Now we must build on this progress, and make sure that the lives of all refugees and migrants headed for Europe are protected, whatever their route or reason for coming.

On 26-7 June, EU leaders meet to agree the future direction of asylum and migration policies across the EU. Please make sure it is a future in which no more refugees and migrants risk losing their lives to get here.

Ask your MP to call on David Cameron to protect lives on Europe’s borders at the EU this June.



Two million and counting – tell David Cameron to do more for Syria’s refugees

27 Sep

In flight from torture and detention, snipers and shelling, an average of 5,000 Syrian refugees have been arriving into neighbouring countries including Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey every day. These places alone cannot cope with the influx of men, women and children and the strain has led to measures to restrict entry across their borders.

Za’atri refugee camp in Jordan is home to over 120,000 Syrians who have fled their country’s bloody conflict.

It’s up to countries like the UK to step up, share responsibility and give more support to help these men, women and children.

Click here to email the government and ask them to do more.

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